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Present Members

George Stetten, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Bioengineering, U. Pitt
Research Professor, Robotics Institute, CMU
Oliver Snyder
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Jake Donovan
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Shantanu Satpute
Masters Candidate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Graudate of Savitribai Phule Pune University
Han-Yu Lee
Masters Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, CMU
Visiting Scholar from India
Graduate of Indian Institute of Technology

Past Members

Avin Khera
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Randy Lee, M.S.
Ph.D., Bioengineering, Pitt, April 2017
McGinnis Fellowship
Zhixuan Yu
MS, BME, CMU, December 2016
Software Engineer, Delphi, Pittsburgh
PhD Candidate, CS, U. Minnesota
Jihang Wang, M.S.
M.S awarded BME CMU
Ph.D., Bioengineering, Pitt, 2016
Research and Devlopment, ChemImage, Pittsburgh.
Samantha Horvath
Ph.D. student, Robotics Institute, CMU, 2016
NSF graduate fellowship
Research and Development Engineer, Kitware.
Alexandra Delazio
Undergraduate, BioE, Pitt, graduated Spring 2017
Disney Research, CMU
Avi Marcovici
Visiting Undergraduate from Israel
Ming Tian
Undergraduate, ECE, Pitt
Tejas Mathai, M.S.
M.S awarded BME CMU
Internships Stanford and Siemens at Princeton
Ph.D. student Robotics Institute, CMU
Ma Luo
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
PhD program, Bioengineering, Vanderbilt U.
Daniel Freer
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Whitaker Fellow at Hamlyn Centre
Imperial College, London
Vikas Shivaprabhu, M.S., Ph.D.
internships at Kitware and GE
Omnyx Corporation, Pittsburgh
Blackmagic Design, Colorado
Kori MacDonald
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Rice U.
Presently engineer at GE Robotics, see article
Cynthia Wong
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt
Ph.D. student, Bioengineering, Rice University
Ada Zhang
Ph.D. student, Robotics Institute, CMU
Claire Hoelmer
Undergraduate, Bioengineering, Pitt.
currently at Philips Respironics.
John Galeotti, Ph.D
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, U. Pitt
Senior System Scientist, Robotics Institute, CMU
Bing Wu, PhD
Email: bingwu AT
Post Doc. Psychology, CMU
Assistant Professor, Psychology, Arizona State University
Gaurav Shukla, PhD
Email: gas9
Medial Student, U. Pitt. MD/PhD program
Resident in Radiation Oncology
Tao Wan, PhD
Email: tao.wan.wan AT
Visiting Scholar from China
Visiting Faculty Rutgers U.
Bo Wang
Email: bwang34 AT
Pitt/CMU MD/PhD program
Bert Unger, M.D., Ph.D.
Ph.D., CMU Robotics Institute
Post. Doc, Bioengineering, U. Pitt.
currently Assistant Professor, Medicine
Director Healthcare Simulation Robotics
University of Manitoba
Damion Shelton, Ph.D.
CTO successful startup in Pittsburgh, ThreeRivers 3D
David Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Radiology Residency, U. Pitt.
Fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard.
Aaron Cois, Ph.D.
Lead Engineer
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University,
David Weiser
Undergraduate U. Pitt
Currently a systems engineer in California
Ken Rockot
Nathan Sendgikoski
Robert Tamburo, Ph.D.
Project Scientist
CMU Robotics Insitute
Headlights that avoid rain and snow.
Kimberly Zawrotny
Undergraduate U. Pitt
Worked at Medrad
Wilson Chang, M.D., Ph.D.
Stanford Radiology Residency Program
Currently Fellow in Musculoskeletal Radiology
Vikram Chib, PhD
Undergraduate U. Pitt
PhD Northwestern University
Post Doc, Cal. Tech.
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins BME
Zachary Mason
Undergraduate U. Pitt
MS in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University
Sam Clanton, PhD
PhD program in Robotics Institute, CMU.
Graduated MD/PhD program Pittsburgh
Apryle Craig
Undergraduate U. Pitt
M.S. ecology Colorado State University
Ph.D. candidate University of Washington, Conservation Biology
Matthew Milazzo, M.A., M.S.
Undergraduate U. Pitt
Radiological and Nuclear Capabilities Manager
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Roxanne Landesman, M.D.
Undergraduate Duke U.
MS Stanford Electrical Engineering
MD from HST program, Harvard Medical School and MIT.
Will Portnoy, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Duke U.
Ph.D. University of Washington
Principal Software Design Engineer at Microsoft
Rebekah Drezek, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Duke U.
Professor Bioengineering and EE, Rice University
home page
Guthrie, Scott
Undergraduate Duke U.
Vice President Microsoft Corporation
Leads ASP.NET team
see Wikipedia
Ge Wang, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Duke U.
Ph.D. Computer Music at Princeton University.
Assistant Professor, Music, Stanford
Richard Morris, M.D.
Undergraduate Duke U.
Harvard Medical School
Urology Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital
Urologist, Northern Maine Medical Center
Michael Caines
Korin Crawford, M.S.
Undergraduate Duke U.
MS Stanford Electrical Engineering
Video interview
Stanford Webpage
Visnu Pitiyanuvath
Undergraduate, Duke U.
Consultant for Start-Up Companies
Designs Massively Multiplayer Games
Node Conference 2011 presentation
  Nancy Ryan (Donahue)
Duke BME, 1994
Harvard MBA, 2000
Director of Professional Development at McKinsey & Company