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Hand Held Force Magnfier won 1rst place poster at IPCAI 2011

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Bloomberg TV "Innovators" show features the Sonic Flashlight


The Visualization and Image Analysis (VIA) Laboratory, directed by George Stetten, MD. PhD, is based at the University of Pittsburgh in Benedum 434/435 and at Carnegie Mellon University in Newell Simon Hall A427. We are developing new methods of displaying and analyzing images, primarily for medical applications. We have introduced a new device called the Sonic Flashlight TM, for guiding invasive medical procedures, and are currently developing similar technology using optical coherence tomography to guide eye surgery. We have introduced FingerSight TM to allow visually impaired individuals to sense the visual world with their fingertips, and ProbeSight to give ultrasound transducers the ability to incorporate visual information from the surface of the patient. Finally, we are developing a new type of surgical tool, the Hand Held Force Magnifier, that provides a magnified sense of forces at the tip of the tool for microsurgery.